Energy Solutions for Human

Photovoltaic Light Controller

  • Battery Charging by MPPT Control
    • Solar Power Operating Voltage: 12-60[V]
  • Applying Various Streetlights by Step-up and Decompression Operation
    • Street Light Operating Voltage: 12-60[V]
  • Extend the Life of the Pulse Type Rechargeable Battery
    • Pulse Width Adjustment Range: 10-100[usec]
  • Automatically Turn On/Off Streetlights According to Illumination
  • Operation Time Can be Set After Sunset
  • Dimming Control by Season and Time
  • Temporary Dimming Function by Motion Monitoring Sensor
  • Soh Measurement by Detecting Battery Temperature
  • Built-in Operation Status LCD Display Function
  • Remote Control Function by Rs485
  • Include Various Protection Functions

Block Diagram