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Power Transition Transfer Switch
As stable power supply is becoming a very important issue due to the rapidly increasing demand for electricity, stable power supply to multi-use facilities such as national infrastructure and hospitals using distributed power is very urgent. Therefore, it must be possible to organically supply the commercial (KEPCO) power and emergency power in a timely manner. We have developed a grid-connected uninterruptible synchronous switch to meet the needs of the times. The grid-connected uninterruptible switchover synchronizes the commercial power (KEPCO) and emergency generator power, enables parallel operation and power sharing, and enables peak cut operation and DR business using this.

Grid Tied Closed Transition Transfer Switch

  • Center for Small and Medium Businesses : Acquisition of Qualification for Trial Purchase by Public Institutions
  • K-Water : Signed a Optional Contract for 3 Years
  • Demand Response Business
  • Application of Uninterruptible Transfer of Major Plants
  • Soft Start Function for Pump Driving (Can Replace Inverter)
  • Reverse Power Supply System that Supplies High-Voltage Power using a Low-Voltage Generator
  • Mobile Parallel Power Generation System