Energy Solutions for Human

I am Lee Changho, CEO of GNEPS Co., Ltd.

Since its establishment in 2015, GNEPS Co., Ltd. is continuously growing and advancing in the areas of innovative cutting edge smart electric power conversion system and electric power facilities field to satisfy the needs of customers, based on ceaseless research and development. In order to dominate the competitive advantage in the technology and quality centered industry, the executives and staff members of GNEPS Co., Ltd. have set a high value on the basics to ensure internal stability.

Judging that development of products of highest quality is the only way to satisfy the needs of customers, we are operating a research institute consisting of the most outstanding research staff in the field. Based on accumulated technology and experience, we are struggling to develop the highest quality products with competitive power.

With the management philosophy of “reliable company which puts people first,” our executives and staff members are giving all that we have for growth and maintenance of internal stability. The conviction of all members of our group being one true family, we will continue to do our best to meet customer needs using top technology.

I wish your continued growth and happiness.
Thank you.

Lee Changho, CEO
Patent Application (Control system for uninterruptible power supply)
Surge Protector CE certification
Recognition of excellent workplace that has passed a risk assessment
Acquired SGSF certification for 25KW class power factor compensation inverter
Registration of manufactured goods in PPS (Motor/Gear/Valve failure prediction diagnosis machine)
Certified as an excellent development innovative product (Grid Tied CTTS)
Received a gold medal in the technology field at the ‘2021 Korea Environment and Energy Awards’ (Korea District Heating Corporation)
Distribution Consisting of a Patent-Pending Full-Bridge Type ESS Cell Unit
Registered a Manufactured Product Item with the Public Procurement Service (Grid-Tied CTTS Low Pressure 11 Cases, High Pressure 4 Cases)
Direct Production Verification Certification (Closed Switchboard, Motor Control Panel)
KOGAS KGS AB34 PC53 Performance Certification
Fuel Cell for Power Generation KGS FS452 PC59 2017 System Certification
Hybrid Uninterruptible Changeover Switch System using Patent Registered Mechanical And Electronic Switches
Power Factor Compensation Inverter (KTI Performance Test Report) Certified By SGSF
Certified as a Venture Business
Direct Production Verification Certification (Distribution Board)
K-Water's Purchase Conditional Technology Development Project (System-Connected CTTS) Success
Selected as an Excellent Technology in the 2019 Water Industry Technology Competition, Awarded the President of K-Water
Doosan Fuel Cell, 10kW Class Fuel Cell Inverter Development
Patent Registration for Energy Bank System
Patent Application for Voltage Equalization Technique of Series Circuit Using Clamp Circuit for High Voltage SMPS
Patent Application for High Voltage SMPS using Discontinuous Boost Mode
50Kw, 100Kw (KTI Performance Test Report) Power Converter for Electric Energy Storage System Certified by SGSF
Quality Management System (ISO 9001) Certified
Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) Certified
LS Electric Power Co., Ltd. and DNS Co., Ltd. Merged
Electric Construction Business Registration Certificate(Gwangju-00919)
Completed Development of PCS for 50kW, 100kW, 125kW ESS and Built Mass Production System
PCS for 50kW, 100kW, 125kW ESS Certified by SGSF
Patent Registration for Inrush Current Response Type Reactor used in ESS for Compensation of Inrush Current Generated from Electric Compressor Start
Patent Application for Ultra-High Voltage Insulation Gate Driver Capable of 100% Application Rate using Pulse Transformer
PCS for ESS (KTC Performance Test Report) Certified by SGSF
Patent Registration for DC Power Distribution Circuit Breaker using Semiconductor Switch and Relay
Patent Registration for Portable Solar Module Aging Measurement Device and Its Measurement Method
Patent Registration for Conversion Module Device that Enables Generator Voltage and Frequency Control
PCS (KTC Performance Test Report) for ESS Certified By SGSF
1200[Vdc] High Voltage SMPS Development Completed and Test Report Obtained
Attracted KRW 1 Billion Investment from KTE Co., Ltd.
Changed the Company Name to G&EPS Co., Ltd.
Established A Company
Affiliated Research Institute
Established EPS Co., Ltd.