Energy Solutions for Human
Power converter for renewable energy
We have Developed and Commercialized Power Converters and Systems that Enable the Power Produced from Solar Power and Fuel Cells to be Linked to the System or Store It in a Battery to Perform the Same Role as Power Plants.


  • 50kW, 100kW, 125kW PCS SGSF certified
  • Renewable Energy Connection Business (Solar Power, Wind Power)
  • Smart Grid Distribution Business
  • Large-Capacity Converter for ESS Cloud

PCS for fuel cell

  • KOGAS KGS AB34 PC53 Acquired Performance Certification
  • Fuel cell for power generation KGS FS452 PC59 2017 System Certification Obtained
  • Acquired Certification for Manufacturing Plant Inspection of PCS for Fuel Cell
  • 10kW Grid-Tied/Standalone Type Converter + Inverter PCS
  • Renewable Energy Connection Business of Buildings and Apartments