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Grid Tied Closed Transition Transfer Switch

CTTS Video CTTS Manual


  • Synchronous transfer of various emergency generators such as domestic and foreign
  • Applicable to standalone generator systems in use
  • Soft Load Transfer operation
  • Extending operating reliability and lifespan by arc-free transition
  • Because it is a product developed with original technology, various customizations are possible
  • Parallel operation and load sharing ratio control function between KEPCO and emergency generators
  • Generator soft start function(Can replace the inverter drive in use)

Multiplex driving modes of GCTTS

  • Automatic/Manual emergency generator mode
  • Automatic/Manual check mode of generator
  • Preliminary power outage UPS mode
  • KEPCO Incoming maintenance mode
  • Demand response (DR) generator mode
  • Peak cut mode
  • Power factor compensator generator mode

Delivery performance

  • K-Water
    • Water purification plant : High voltage type 3 places, Low voltage type 10 places
    • Pressurized area : High voltage type 2 places, Low voltage type 6 places
    • Water intake : High voltage type 3 places, Low voltage type 4 places
  • 5 fish farms in Jeollanam-do area

Block Diagram

Peak Cut Mode

  • If the maximum demand power exceeds the contract power and uses a certain amount of time, the power user will be charged a penalty according to the number of times exceeded.
  • A function that allows the emergency generator to share the amount of power that exceeds the contract power with Peak Cut Mode

Demand Response (DR) Mode

  • A system in which electricity users are compensated financially by reducing the use of grid electricity when the electricity market price is high or when the electricity system reserve ratio is low
  • Customers participating in the demand response business can participate in the electricity demand response trading market through reduction of emergency response obligations and voluntary demand reduction

Emergency generator automatic inspection mode

  • Mode to automatically inspection the emergency generator by the program set in the grid tied CTTS
  • 1. Automatic emergency generator start
    2. Generator no-load operation inspection
    3. Emergency generator inspection according to load
    - 25% - 50% - 75% - 100% - 110% Step Test
    - Load operation at 100% load for more than 60 minutes, etc

MV transformer uninterruptible transition system using LV CTTS - Transformer Parallel Operation (Option)

  • Non-interruptible automatic transformer transition function through Touch LCD instead of conventional manual sequential transition
  • Stable parallel operation function through synchronized operation by monitoring voltage difference, phase, and frequency
  • Uninterrupted power supply is possible because uninterrupted transition is possible through parallel operation.
  • Maximizes the convenience of safety managers by enabling remote automatic transition

ESS uninterruptible transition system (Option)

  • Hybrid uninterruptible system consisting of STS built-in G-CTTS and short-cycle ESS
  • Diesel generator frequency and voltage variable control (VVVF) possible
  • CTTS capable of parallel operation and power control with the system or PCS
  • Built-in high-speed electronic circuit breaker capable of shutting off the system within 4 ms in case of power failure